Day 1

Friday November 6, 2020


7:00 am  8:00 am: Registration/ Exhibit Hall Open

8:00 am- 9:15 am:  Mold Toxicity and Its Effects on Cognition and Vitality Presented By Neil Nathan, MD

9:15 am-10:45 am: A Comprehensive, Integrative Approach to Dementia Presented By Todd A. Born, ND, CNS

10:45 am- 11:15 am: Break/ Exhibit Hall Open

11:15 am- 12:15 pm: Session 3

12:15 pm- 1:30 pm: Lunch provided in Exhibit Hall/ Exhibit Hall Time

1:30 pm- 2:30 pm: Infections and the Immune System and Their Roles in Cognition and Vitality Presented By Sonia Rapaport, MD

2:30 pm- 3:30 pm: Heal The Cells, Heal The Membranes, Heal the Body Presented By Bernarda Zenker, MD

3:30 pm- 4:00 pm: Break/ Exhibit Hall Open

4:00 pm- 5:00 pm: Building Youthful NAD+ Power with Precursors, Sirtuin-Activating Compounds, and Methylation support Presented By Chris Shade, PhD

5:00 pm:  Happy Hour in Exhibit Hall



Day 2

Saturday November 7, 2020

7:00 am- 8:00 am: Registering, socializing, and taking time to visit the booths

8:00 am- 9:30 am: Minnesota Holistic Medicine Group Morning  Sessions and Discussions

9:30 am-10:00 am: Break and Exhibit Time

10:00 am-11:00 am: Session 7 Presented by: Dale E. Bredesen, MD

11:00 am- 1:00 pm: Brunch and View the Exhibits – Sponsored by InnoVision Health Media

1:00 pm- 3:00 pm: Minnesota Holistic Medicine Group Afternoon Sessions and Discussions

3:00 pm: Closing Remarks